Winter Writing Workshop by Paul Millerd

Winter Writing Workshop

Want to go deeper with your writing on the web?

Join this three week micro-experiment from Paul Millerd & Jim England to take an ideas you have to the next level by getting feedback from peers & taking advantage of group accountability.

Limited to six participants: Please first submit your idea here before signing up

Feedback + Group Accountability + Digital Resources

Pre-Work: Submit & Refine Idea
  • Get access to creativity modules from Paul's "Reinvent" course
Jan 5th: Kick-Off: Write Strong First Draft In First Week
  • Assigned feedback partner
  • Post to group for high-level feedback on ideas & further questions (withhold detailed grammatical stuff for now)
  • Organized and structured STRATEGIC feedback; provide links to resources for best practices for providing strategic feedback
Jan 12th: LIVE Call #1: Share initial ideas (15 minutes/person for sharing & feedback) 
  • Complete two rounds of feedback and edits with accountability partner
  • Can also publicly share in group as needed
Jan 19th: LIVE Call #2: Share re-shaped ideas & final feedback

By Jan 26th: Publish to a public medium

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Paul & Jim

Jim England

In addition to having a way cooler picture than Paul, Jim is an entrepreneurial product designer who likes to build things that elegantly solve problems and make people happy. In his spare time, he is an amateur historian, novice guitar player, home cook apprentice, and internationally-renowned adventurist.
More about Jim Please

Paul Millerd

Paul is a freelancer, digital course creator and facilitator and is most passionate about figuring out how to navigate the future of work in a way that doesn't involve working 80 hours and week.  His main passion is convincing curious and generous humans to start sharing their creative energy with the world.
More about Paul
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