Reinvent Toolkit by Paul Millerd

Reinvent Toolkit

Tools for freelancers & solopreneurs to carve their own path and find more sanity.

Tools for solopreneurs, freelancers and self-starters

  • Freelance Target Income Calculator: Calculate how much you need to work and at what rates for certain lifestyles (US tax calculations included)
  • Personal & Work Values Inventory Exercise: A multi-step exercise to help you narrow down and gain clarity on what matters
  • Tim Urban "Want Box" Exercise: Based on Tim Urban's article "how to pick a career" - this exercise lets you grapple with your yearnings (e.g. fame, status, love, safety) and prioritize them.
  • Career Transition Playbook: 10 step, 50 page fillable PDF on how to naviate a career change
  • Tame Your Fear Exercise: Assess your fears, how to mitigate them, and costs of inaction
  • Design Your Life 5-Year Plans: Based on the book "Designing Your Life" - these three plans to create generative (meaning to come up with more ideas, not to pick a path) 5-year plans to help you dream bigger

What's included?


Values Inventories
Tim Urban - Yearnings Exercise Template - Reinvent
15.1 KB
"What Matters?" Values Inventory Exercise
102 KB
Career Change
Career Transition Playbook
3.86 MB
Reinvent Your Path
What Income Do I Need To Afford This Life?
72.2 KB
Tame Your Fear Exercise
848 KB
Life Design Exercise
830 KB
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