Reinvent: From getting ahead to coming alive by Paul Millerd

Reinvent: From getting ahead to coming alive

A self-paced journey to improve your relationship with work, launch a creative project and design a life that you want to live.  

🎯 Work has become the center of life.

It dictates where we live, how we spend our days, when we take time off and who we spend time with. It also leads to a lot of insecurity and "impostor syndrome" that prevents people from getting started on projects that matter to them.

REINVENT is a course designed to help untangle the puzzle of hacking a living in the modern world. It is not a quick fix but instead an exploration of what matters to you, what you are drawn to create, how you want to engage with the world and how to practically make shifts in your life.  It will also help you launch a real project during the one-week action challenge.

My vision for this course is to build a community of people that want to reimagine their relationship with work and help others along the way. I will continue adding to this course as I continue to learn through my own journey and respond to what the community is asking for.

Define A "Shift" (An Intention for the course)

The first thing you will do in the course is define a shift, or an overall intention for the course.  Some examples of other students include:
  • Improve overall relationship with work
  • Take action on a creative project or side hustle
  • Outline a strategy for making a career shift
  • Explore an alternative path (freelancing, digital nomad, remote work, etc...)

🎨 Create Something During the "Action Challenge"

Related to your "shift" you will also create something during the third week.  Examples from other participants include:
  • First podcast episode
  • Public blog or writing
  • Landing page for in-person event
  • Website or new service offering
The course content include 25+ examples and Paul is available to help you brainstorm

Course Journey

Interactive Learning With Cool PowerPoints, Videos & Exercises That Don't Suck

Define your own success

Following the traditional path doesn't make sense to you but you want to gain more confidence about wandering into the unknown and are looking for models, frameworks and wisdom to guide you.

Unleash your creativity

This course will help you test your ideas and take action such as launching a podcast, publishing your writing in public or getting started on that crazy idea you've been daydreaming about

Course Workbook

Course include a custom workbook where you can track your progress and document your responses to the reflection questions throughout the course

💻📚 Curated & Synthesized Knowledge Bombs

  • Smaller audio bites from the Reimagine Work podcast & other podcasts
  • Lectures, deep dives & readings on books, ideas & mental models
  • Exclusive interviews from people who have carved their own paths
  • Reflections & meditation prompts
  • Ridiculous stick figures and PowerPoint animations

🏁 At the end of this course you can expect:

  • A better relationship with work including an understanding of what work provides for you, what matters in your life, your core values & the fears holding you back from action
  • A working model for your "creative engine" of how you get ideas, share them and learn what to do next
  • Models of taking action and creating in the digital world including writing in public, launching a podcast, an online course or 
  • Completed a 1-week "action challenge" where you test or push forward a project that 
  • Access to a set of resources and tools to help you navigate your journey beyond the default path
  • Access to a a community of like-hearted creators who are carving paths beyond the default path and grappling with those challenges

Course Leader: Paul Millerd

I spent 10 years working in strategy consulting and pursuing the prestigous path, but found I was chasing other people's definition of success.  This led to me to transition to carving my own path.

I am building a life around creating for others, helping people from a foundation of generosity and love while embracing the long, hard and slow path of life-long learning and growth.


Who is this course for?

  • You are deeply curious and are open to new ideas and perspectives
  • You have a number of percolating ideas or projects ready to test, but haven't found the accountability, people or tools to help you move forward
  • You are okay feeling discomfort and dealing with the "dip" or plateau of learning
  • You are self-motivated to learn, ask questions and do small experiments
  • You are intrigued by becoming self-employed, experimenting with side hustles, want to become a remote worker or just want to find a little more sanity in your work life

Why should I take this course?

My superpower is making the complex simple. This, combined with my insatiable curiosity have helped me navigate our modern world. It's the combination of skills that helped me break into the strategy consulting industry after being told it was impossible and what helped me stick around for ten years while shifting interests and focus every two years. It's also what has fueled my journey as a self-employed creative.

Are you just a digital nomad trying to "monetize"?

I've been extremely hesitant to put something like this out in public for the last two years.  It wasn't until a couple people convinced me that by creating products and communities I can engage with people in a deeper and more focused way.  

Creating this course will be a ton of fun.  Seriously, I love experimenting and creating with technology and making sense of ideas.  If I make no money from this course, it will be a success because it was a forcing mechanism to synthesize these years of lessons into something that can help people.  By purchasing the course, you are voting "yes" and telling me to keep going and to keep focusing on helping people like you thrive.

I don't see this course as a one-time creation.  I see it as a container to keep adding to over the next 5 years.  Hence, the people that support me early will get the most value and will help me shape the direction of the course & community.

Are you an influencer?


What if I want to pay more/less or pay later?

Sure, I embrace the gift economy and have done tons of experiments since 2017. 

I loved creating this and I want you to have it.  You can complete the pay-what-feels-right exercise here and define the terms of our engagement!

Money back guarantee?

I am the only one in the course creator universe that embraces the "Chipotle Bowl Guarantee" meaning I'll refund you fully within 30 days and add on additional $10 for your inconvenience to go enjoy a Chipotle Bowl

Hear from past students of Paul's digital courses:

Paul is an excellent guide through the thicket of the emerging workplace. He takes the history of work, its concepts and paradigms and shows you how they've changed and evolved was well as where you could take them in the future.
Ben Mercer, Former Athlete & Solopreneur
This course changed the way I look at my own potential. There's a great balance of lecture information, group support, mentoring, and personal accountability that felt very organic. There's an energy from Paul and the other participants that motivates me to do what I do and to help others do the same. 
It was great working with Paul and taking the course - his perspective towards work and life is refreshing and challenged me to rethink my own career. I'd recommend that anyone work with Paul if they're willing to have hard conversations, engage in honest reflection, and really make a change. 

Luke Fraser, Solopreneur
Participating in the course with Paul and other participants helped me take action on a dream to launch a conference, which has turned into a reality called the EconoMe conference.  It helped me overcome the friction to getting started and helped me take the first step towards making it a reality.
Diania Merriam, Remote Worker & Founder, EconoMe Conference
Reinvent had an excellent balance of self reflection exercises and processes to start taking action towards your goals which allowed me to see results within the 4 weeks. Paul is extremely skillful at providing you the right tools and support but also knows when to step in and push you a little further. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to explore those next steps in their Solopreneur journey! 
Kyrie, Event Experience Designer
Paul's inclusive and supportive nature pulled the diverse group together and gelled the experience into a meaningful encounter for equals to experience together.  Was very impactful.
Jon Buttles, Entrepreneur
Participating in Reinvent has helped me to more confidently embrace the journey I have chosen in charting my own professional path.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is feeling lost, boxed in, and disheartened by their present working life. 
Luke, Independent Education Consultant
The biggest "take-aways" are a reinforced perspective on the value of the alternative work environment that supports creativity, collaboration, and impact; an importance of asking questions and testing them out in life (rather than theorizing); and pursuing personal passions. I highly recommend the course - it will challenge, inspire, and transform whatever it is you are doing.
Mariya Shiyko, Professor & Joyful Living Coach
The Reinvent course allowed me to get out of my own head and allow me to reflect and clarify my understanding about how I want work to fit into my life as well as the encouragement to explore the non-traditional route.

Paul's natural ability to synthesize complex topics and present it in a simple, digestible, and fun way makes the course a valuable resource in the moment as well as a great reference material to continuously refer back to!
Andrew, Sales & Remote Worker

What's included?

Video Icon 27 videos File Icon 4 files Text Icon 15 text files


Welcome To The Course - Exploring Life Beyond The Default Path
Join The Discord "Curious Rebels Club"
Reimagine Work Digital Notebook
Where is the portal in your life?
Framing For The Course: Find Your "Conversation"
4 mins
The Four Phases Of Carving Your Own Path
16 mins
Define Your Shift
2 mins
Identify One "Path Expert" To Interview In The Next Four Weeks
1 min
Welcome To The Course!
7 mins
Kick-Off Meditation by Nita Baum (5 Minutes)
6 mins
📚 Week 1 - Sensemaking: Navigating the "new normal" of work
Kick-Off Activity: Best-Self Challenge
If Work Is Getting Better, Why Does Everyone Hate Work?
5 mins
Demystifying "Future of Work"
7 mins
The Six Major Shifts Transforming Work
18 mins
The Nine Future Of Work Mindsets
4 mins
Full-Time & Alternative Worker Future of Work Mindsets
7 mins
Happiness, Meaning & Carving Your Own Path
14 mins
Exercise: Check Your (Career) Baggage Here
2 mins
✅ Week 2 - Reset: Redefine our relationship with work & action
A quick walk through the history of work starting with Plato & Aristotle
12 mins
Exercise: Values & Yearnings
Why Is Work So Central In Our Lives?
11 mins
How To Be An Adult - Navigating The Inevitable Drama Of Carving Your Own Path
7 mins
The Four Most Common Fears
7 mins
Tame Your Fear & Cost Of Inaction Exercise
2 mins
Assignment Before Week 3: Pick Your "Action Challenge"
2 mins
"Working Together" - A Closing Reflection From David Whyte
🎨 Week 3 - CREATE: Overcoming Friction & Getting Started
Overcoming Friction, Imposter Syndrome & Taking Action
11 mins
Week 3 Assignment: Action Challenge Ideas
What is creativity and how do we unleash it?
10 mins
What is your "creative engine"?
5 mins
Find Your Tribe & Build A Community
12 mins
🔬 Week 3 - Learn & Test Ideas & Life Shifts
Can You Experiment With A Microadventure?
Prototype Your Shift Instead Of Making An All-Or-Nothing Leap
Create Your Own Apprenticeship
7 mins
Using "Learning Internships" As A Way To Test New Roles
🦋 Week 4 - EMBARK: Navigating The Pathless Path
Crafting & Telling Your Story
12 mins
Exercise: "I Believe..."
Exercise: Craft Your Mini-Story
Money On Your Mind: Strategies To Deal With Money Insecurity
17 mins
Exercise: What Are The Ten Reasons You Make Money?
(Optional) Target Income Calculator: How Much Does My Ideal Life Cost?
72.2 KB
Generosity and The Gift Mindset
12 mins
Case Study: Generosity
Design Your Life Exercise
8 mins
Beyond The Default Path Toolkit
Two Additional Exercises To Re-Frame Your Thinking
Using Twitter To Make Friends
Side Hustle Ideas
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