Reinvent: From getting ahead to coming alive

A self-paced journey to improve your relationship with work, launch a creative project and design a life that you want to live.  
Welcome To The Course - Exploring Life Beyond The Default Path
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Reimagine Work Digital Notebook
Where is the portal in your life?
Framing For The Course: Find Your "Conversation"
4 mins
The Four Phases Of Carving Your Own Path
16 mins
Define Your Shift
2 mins
Identify One "Path Expert" To Interview In The Next Four Weeks
1 min
Welcome To The Course!
7 mins
Kick-Off Meditation by Nita Baum (5 Minutes)
6 mins
📚 Week 1 - Sensemaking: Navigating the "new normal" of work
Kick-Off Activity: Best-Self Challenge
If Work Is Getting Better, Why Does Everyone Hate Work?
5 mins
Demystifying "Future of Work"
7 mins
The Six Major Shifts Transforming Work
18 mins
The Nine Future Of Work Mindsets
4 mins
Full-Time & Alternative Worker Future of Work Mindsets
7 mins
Happiness, Meaning & Carving Your Own Path
14 mins
Exercise: Check Your (Career) Baggage Here
2 mins
✅ Week 2 - Reset: Redefine our relationship with work & action
A quick walk through the history of work starting with Plato & Aristotle
12 mins
Exercise: Values & Yearnings
Why Is Work So Central In Our Lives?
11 mins
How To Be An Adult - Navigating The Inevitable Drama Of Carving Your Own Path
7 mins
The Four Most Common Fears
7 mins
Tame Your Fear & Cost Of Inaction Exercise
2 mins
Assignment Before Week 3: Pick Your "Action Challenge"
2 mins
"Working Together" - A Closing Reflection From David Whyte
🎨 Week 3 - CREATE: Overcoming Friction & Getting Started
Overcoming Friction, Imposter Syndrome & Taking Action
11 mins
Week 3 Assignment: Action Challenge Ideas
What is creativity and how do we unleash it?
10 mins
What is your "creative engine"?
5 mins
Find Your Tribe & Build A Community
12 mins
🔬 Week 3 - Learn & Test Ideas & Life Shifts
Can You Experiment With A Microadventure?
Prototype Your Shift Instead Of Making An All-Or-Nothing Leap
Create Your Own Apprenticeship
7 mins
Using "Learning Internships" As A Way To Test New Roles
🦋 Week 4 - EMBARK: Navigating The Pathless Path
Crafting & Telling Your Story
12 mins
Exercise: "I Believe..."
Exercise: Craft Your Mini-Story
Money On Your Mind: Strategies To Deal With Money Insecurity
17 mins
Exercise: What Are The Ten Reasons You Make Money?
(Optional) Target Income Calculator: How Much Does My Ideal Life Cost?
72.2 KB
Generosity and The Gift Mindset
12 mins
Case Study: Generosity
Design Your Life Exercise
8 mins
Beyond The Default Path Toolkit
Two Additional Exercises To Re-Frame Your Thinking
Using Twitter To Make Friends
Side Hustle Ideas
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