Lydia Lee, who now runs Screw The Cubicle, created a "learning internship" for herself

“I decided to experiment and take on eight guinea pig clients for two months.  You get sixty days, we coach once a week.  Basically you’ve got eight sessions with me.  So I did not charge them.  To me this was an experiment and something I didn’t have any experience doing before.

I wanted to really do this in a low-pressure way.  Why don’t I just give myself this window of play…where I can make mistakes, its okay to make mistakes”

The following is a short clip of our full podcast.  This clip is highly recommended:

As Lydia reflected:

“We didn’t question going to school for four years and having a $50,000 student loan debt…and we might get a job out of that.  But when it comes to business, I need to start making money today, or it’s a failure…and we forget about this mastery period, where we actually have to be good at our work.”

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