Reinvent: Life & Work Beyond The Default Path

A five week self-paced journey to improve your relationship with work, launch a creative project and design a life that you want to live.ย  Self-guided access launches the 1st of every month.
Welcome To The Course - Exploring Life Beyond The Default Path
Focus on this section between October 1st and October 6th
Welcome To The Course!
7 mins
Join The Discord "Curious Rebels Club"
Reimagine Work Digital Notebook
Where is the portal in your life?
Framing For The Course: Find Your "Conversation"
4 mins
The Four Phases Of Carving Your Own Path
16 mins
Define Your Shift
2 mins
Identify One "Path Expert" To Interview In The Next Four Weeks
1 min
Week 1 Meditation
Week 1 Meditation by Nita (5 Minutes)
6 mins
Week 1 (October 6th) ๐Ÿ“š Sensemaking - Navigating the "new normal" of work

Kick-Off October 6th

Before we think about re-defining our relationship between work and life, we need to understand the "game" we are playing. What is really happening in the modern world of work? How do we react to that world and how might we imagine new models?

Kick-Off Activity: Best-Self Challenge
If Work Is Getting Better, Why Does Everyone Hate Work?
5 mins
Demystifying "Future of Work"
7 mins
The Six Major Shifts Transforming Work
18 mins
The Nine Future Of Work Mindsets
4 mins
Full-Time & Alternative Worker Future of Work Mindsets
7 mins
Happiness, Meaning & Carving Your Own Path
14 mins
Exercise: Check Your (Career) Baggage Here
2 mins
Week 2 (October 13th) โœ… Reset - Redefine our relationship with work & action
Who are we? How did work become so central to our lives? How do we define ourselves in the age of the modern working world?  What are the things that hold us back from taking action?
Exercise: Values & Yearnings
A quick walk through the history of work starting with Plato & Aristotle
12 mins
Why Is Work So Central In Our Lives?
11 mins
How To Be An Adult - Navigating The Inevitable Drama Of Carving Your Own Path
7 mins
The Four Most Common Fears
7 mins
Tame Your Fear & Cost Of Inaction Exercise
2 mins
Assignment Before Week 3: Pick Your "Action Challenge"
2 mins
"Working Together" - A Closing Reflection From David Whyte
Week 3 (October 20th) ๐ŸŽจ CREATE - Overcoming Friction & Getting Started
We are all drawn to create and contribute, but how do we figure out how to get started? What does success look like? How do we find our "tribe"?
Week 3 Assignment: Action Challenge Ideas
Overcoming Friction, Imposter Syndrome & Taking Action
11 mins
What is creativity and how do we unleash it?
10 mins
What is your "creative engine"?
5 mins
Find Your Tribe & Build A Community
12 mins
Week 3 (October 20th) ๐Ÿ”ฌLearn & Test Ideas & Life Shifts
This section will show some different examples of how you might test different life shifts, creative experiments and learn new skills.
Prototype Your Shift Instead Of Making An All-Or-Nothing Leap
Can You Experiment With A Microadventure?
Create Your Own Apprenticeship
7 mins
Using "Learning Internships" As A Way To Test New Roles
Week 4 (October 27th) ๐Ÿฆ‹ EMBARK: Navigating The Pathless Path
Too often life is framed as an all-or-nothing leap. "I can't leave my job because I have a mortgage!" How can we re-think change and what are the different models available to us?
Exercise: "I Believe..."
Crafting & Telling Your Story
12 mins
Exercise: Craft Your Mini-Story
Money On Your Mind: Strategies To Deal With Money Insecurity
17 mins
Exercise: What Are The Ten Reasons You Make Money?
(Optional) Target Income Calculator: How Much Does My Ideal Life Cost?
72.2 KB
Generosity and The Gift Mindset
12 mins
Case Study: Generosity
Design Your Life Exercise
8 mins
Beyond The Default Path Toolkit
What are the different models available to us in the modern world? What do they look like? How do we get started?
Two Additional Exercises To Re-Frame Your Thinking
Using Twitter To Make Friends
Side Hustle Ideas