Carve Your Own Path

A five week self-paced journey to reimagine your relationship with work, launch a creative projects & redefine ambition
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This course is for you if:

You want to unleash your creativity

This course will help you test your ideas and take action such as launching a podcast, publishing your writing in public or getting started on that crazy idea you've been daydreaming about

You're willing to contemplate & reflect

You want to come into this course with an open mind, willing to reflect and question and open to certain mindfulness techniques

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You want to re-define success

Following the traditional path doesn't make sense to you but you want to gain more confidence about wandering into the unknown and are looking for models, frameworks and wisdom to guide you.

Course Leader: Paul Millerd

I spent 10 years working in strategy consulting and pursuing the prestigous path, but found I was chasing other people's definition of success.  This led to me to transition to carving my own path.

I am building a life around creating for others, helping people from a foundation of generosity and love while embracing the long, hard and slow path of life-long learning and growth.

Reinvent: Life & Work Beyond The Default Path

#1 Launch a creative project in five weeks
#2 Grapple with the uncertainty of carving your own path
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Reinvent Toolkit

Get access to just the tools and exercises of the Reinvent course and reflect and integrate them on your own time
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